EGR Ute Canopies Melbourne

The Latest Trend in EGR Ute Canopies in Melbourne

Over the years there have been many different styles of canopies for Utes. However when you are looking for the latest trends, EGR canopies in Melbourne offer the latest styles and designs available. These canopies are built from a single sheet of 9 millimetre thick ABS plastic. This material has been chosen for its natural strength and perfectly smooth finish. Each canopy is finished with a layer of sandable automotive primer to ensure a perfectly smooth surface. This is covered with your choice of colours that are a perfect match for the colour code of your particular vehicle. A final layer of clearcoat is layered on top to provide a super high gloss finish.

In order to make sure EGR canopies in Melbourne are built around a steel frame that provides plenty of extra support and strength. This ensures that your canopy will stand up to long years of hard use. In fact these canopies are so strong that they come with a built in roof rack. Whether you are looking for a canopy for your work vehicle or your personal Ute, these canopies are built to take it. They feature a sliding front window that makes it very easy to clean your rear window along with two sliding windows on the sides for extra ventilation. All windows and the rear hatch can be locked to ensure that no one can get inside unless they have the key. Finally you can choose a canopy that matches your tastes and your truck.